Is your snoring affecting the quality of your sleep and keeping your partner awake at night?

We snore because our airway narrows when we are asleep. The Sleepwell snoring device is a wearable dental appliance that holds the lower jaw in place. It prevents the jaw from moving backward, helping to keep the airway open.

The Sleepwell snoring device may also be helpful for patients with sleep apnoea, a serious condition whereby breathing is interrupted periodically throughout the night.

Each Sleepwell snoring device is customised to the patient to ensure optimal comfort. It features a soft lining, allows side-to-side movement of the lower jaw and the option to adjust it to maximise its effectiveness.

More than 95% of users reported their Sleepwell device successfully reduced or eliminated their snoring.

The Sleepwell snoring device is an affordable and effective solution to reduce or eliminate your snoring. Call us on 01625431073 to book a consultation.

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