What is a Smile Makeover?
A smile makeover entails a cosmetic dentist creating and employing a treatment plan that involves several cosmetic dentistry procedures with the aim of improving the appearance of your smile.
A smile makeover can change your entire life and get you that smile you’ve dreamed of. Over the years our teeth take a beating with stomach acid, foods that stain our teeth, and accidents that cause unsightly cracks or chips in our natural teeth,
Some of the more common procedures involved in a smile makeover are:
Teeth length
Teeth proportions
Teeth texture and characterization
Smile line
Other factors that go into consideration during your smile makeover include skin tone, facial appearance, hair color, tooth color, size, and shape, gum tissue, and lips. Your cosmetic dentist will suggest procedures to help ensure the treatment ends with the most natural-looking smile possible.

Have you ever considered a smile makeover?
A smile makeover is a bespoke treatment plan designed to deliver your perfect smile. Your dentist may recommend a combination of treatments from fillings and crowns, to orthodontics, or cosmetic treatments such as teeth whitening or composite bonding.
Smile makeovers are available at our practice ,If you’re not completely satisfied with the look of your smile, a dentist providing treatment privately can create a bespoke treatment plan, to give you a smile makeover and address any cosmetic or aesthetic concerns you have.
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Why have a smile makeover?
Give your confidence a boost; let us deliver a smile you’re really happy with.
If you have missing or crooked teeth, or are unhappy about cracks, chips or stains, it can affect your confidence.
You don’t have to put up with any of these issues – with a smile makeover, your dentist can combine treatments to improve every aspect of your smile.

Let our experts create a treatment plan tailored to meet your needs.
There are so many dental treatments available, from teeth whitening and cosmetic straightening to composite bonding and veneers; it can be confusing.
Let us navigate the treatment options for you, so you can relax, knowing you’re on track to achieve a confident smile.
What is the treatment process?
At your initial consultation your dentist will find out what changes you’d like to make, and recommend dental treatments that are right for you. These can range from restorative treatments like white fillings and composite bonding to simple cosmetic treatments such as whitening.
Next, your dentist will design a bespoke treatment plan to help you achieve your ideal smile. They will explain each stage of the treatments, as well as the full costs involved, and answer any questions you may have.

What treatments can be included in a smile makeover?
As part of your smile makeover, your dentist may recommend some of these treatments:
Fillings, crowns or veneers – To restore the function and appearance of your teeth.
Dental implants or bridges – To replace missing teeth and restore your confidence in your smile.
Orthodontics – Everything from traditional fixed braces to near-invisible transparent aligners.
Cosmetic teeth straightening – A range of options for straightening front teeth.
Teeth whitening – We can find a whitening treatment that’s right for you.
Composite bonding – Composite bonding can correct cracks, chips, gaps and other cosmetic issues.
With a smile makeover, we navigate the treatment options for you and tailor a bespoke treatment plan that meets your individual needs.
How much does a smile makeover cost?
The cost of your smile makeover will depend on the treatments you receive. At Macclesfield Dental we believe in transparent pricing so your dentist will always explain costs in full before beginning treatment.

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