Smile Correction Types
Your tooth makeover will not be as simple as an at-home teeth whitening kit. Your treatment plan will be completely personalized for your smile needs. Your teeth may be shiny and white but have a poor appearance due to shape, so maybe you will require veneers but not teeth whitening. Popular types of corrections include:
Composite bonding for changing the shape and color during your teeth makeover.
Tooth implants to replace damaged and missing teeth.
Teeth whitening to help lighten the shade of your teeth.
Veneers – Smile Makeover technique : Another very common procedure for correcting smile imperfects are veneers. Veneers can be used to fix a wide range of aesthetic problems. Dental veneers have no other purpose than cosmetic treatment, and a smile makeover is mostly about the appearance of the smile. Veneers are a plastic or porcelain coating bonded to the surface of a cosmetically imperfect tooth. These veneers are not often used to do anything for the health of the teeth (except to repair damage from bruxism), but they are exceptional in changing the appearance.

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