Smile Align
Smile Align is an updated method of straightening teeth that uses a series of clear retainers, or aligners, to move teeth. These aligners are custom made for each client suited for their specific needs and goals. The aligners are made of a smooth clear plastic that when worn over your teeth is virtually invisible. This system can be used to treat a variety of cases, such as crowding or spacing issues, overbites, underbite and cross bite.
Many people prefer clear aligners over traditional braces as they are permitted to eat whatever the like over the duration of their treatment. Unlike traditional braces the aligner trays are removed during meals, and there are no dietary restrictions. Individuals who are straightening their teeth with the aligning trays are able to maintain optimal oral hygiene as the trays are removed to permit regular brushing and flossing. People also report greater comfort during their treatment as the smooth plastic does not irritate sensitive mouth tissue in the same way that traditional braces may. Those who use this teeth straightening system also typically enjoy fewer visits to the dentist thus offering more freedom and flexibility.

How Smile Align Works
This teeth-straightening system uses a series of clear plastic trays that are custom made for the client. The aligners are made of a smooth, clear plastic that is nearly invisible when worn. This system is well-suited for teens and adults who would like straighter teeth, but are reluctant to draw attention to their treatment with traditional braces. The clear aligners are virtually undetectable and cause little disruption to your everyday life.

Talk to Your Dentist
To begin your treatment, set up a consultation with Robert or Paras Wong. You and your Dentist will discuss your orthodontic problems and goals to determine if this system is suitable for correcting your issues. At this time, you and your orthodontist can discuss the cost and financing options for your orthodontic treatment.
A Customized Treatment Plan
After determining whether you are a candidate for the clear aligners your teeth will be scanned and the scan will be sent to Align Technology. A set of aligners will be created just for you.
Receive Your Aligners
Once your treatment plan is created you will receive your clear aligners. Each set of aligners will be worn for two weeks, unless otherwise instructed by your orthodontist.
Maintain Your Smile
After your treatment is completed your Dentist will assist you in maintaining your beautiful smile. Most clients will be required to wear a retainer to prevent their teeth from shifting.


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