What are your holiday opening hours and emergency arrangements?

If we are on holiday call us on thephone at work, 01625431073. And there is always information on that number for whom to contact if you have an emergency out of hours.

I have the worst possible teeth

We very much doubt that your teeth will be the worst we have seen, you would be surprised at what sorts we have seen before. If you come to see us we promise not to tell you off as we know you will be making a crucial first step in improving your dental health.
We can work with you to make you happier with your appearance and, if you are in pain, we will help

I am terrified of the dentists. How can you help me?

Lots of people feel nervous about visiting the dentist, especially if they had a bad experience as a child, so you are not alone in your fears. We are used to dealing with nervous patients and promise to take great care with you. We will talk you through your problems, explain what we are doing, and take things slowly so that you can build your confidence.
Please let us know if you are particularly nervous so that we can treat you in ways that help you feel more confident.
We have found that even our most nervous patients gradually feel more confident and comfortable as they come to see us and our patient surveys have shown that one of our strengths is helping people with their fears so rest assured that we will do all we can to help you too.

Can I have Implants?

Not every mouth is suited to implants, however, we can consult with you and send you for a special xray to determine whether your jaw would be suitable to have the implants. We have an implant specialist who comes to the practice to treat you. Dr Wong would then make the crown to fit over the implant.

Can you make my teeth whiter?

Yes, normally we can. However, this should only be done after you have finished any necessary treatment. We take impressions of your mouth, these are sent to a special laboratory were a very thin mouth shield is made to cover your teeth. You are given full and comprehensive instructions of how to use the bleach in the shields.

Once you have had this done, you will be able to “top up” at any time in the future, providing you keep your shields in a safe place !

I’m an adult, can you straighten my teeth?

We offer the “Smile Align” treatment at this practice, this is a very invasive way to have your teeth straightened. It involves an initial consultation and  impressions. These are sent to our specialist laboratory and they are then able to estimate how many aligners it will take to straighten your teeth. The cost for the initial consultation is £75. We can only give you a full estimate once we have the information back from the laboratory – this generally takes 10 working days.

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We hope that you are entirely satisfied with your dental care and treatment. If not, please let us know. You can request a copy of the Practice Complaints Procedure from the receptionists, and or you can ask to speak to the Complaints Manager, Hazel Beaudin who will listen to your concerns, explain the Complaints Process in detail and seek to deal with any concerns that you may have. Thank you, Macclesfield Dental Practice

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