Denplan Services

Denplan services

Denplan is a way of providing your ongoing dental care. It recognises that we want to maintain health, rather than repair disease.

How it works is simple. You pay a regular monthly payment and we will do our very best to maintain your dental health. The amount you pay is calculated by your dental history. You only pay the laboratory bills (if any) and for prescribed drugs.

It is simple, cost effective, and it works.


There is no catch. Your mouth just needs to be healthy before you are eligible to join.

So basically you need to have any treatment required to achieve dental health completed before you can join

We highly recommend that our patients join the Denplan simply because this monthly payment plan allows your treating dentist and hygienist to provide an ongoing preventive dental care plus all the routine treatments that you need to keep your teeth and gums healthy.
The following information should help you decide whether Denplan is right for you. If you require additional information about Denplan, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Basic and preventative dental procedures Major restorative procedures Emergency worldwide cover
Check-ups/routine examinations Necessary dental fillings Dental radiography Scale, polishes, and other dental hygiene visits Preventative oral health therapy and advice Necessary routine extractions   Periodontal surgery and treatment Root canal treatment Dentures* Dental crowns* Dental bridges* Inlays* *laboratory fees not included
Cover in case of dental accidentsTemporary treatment in case of dental emergenciesAccess to Denplan’s Worldwide Emergency Helpline – 24 hours a day.  
Denplan Care A  B  C   D   E
Monthly Cost £21.21 £29.34 £37.15 £45.76 £54.67
Weekly Cost £4.90 £6.77 £8.57 £10.56 £12.62
Daily Cost 70p 96p £1.22 £1.50 £1.80
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